Ethics Collegium

The 3Sz Ethics Collegium is composed of delegates from the member organisations of the Union. It currently has 8 members and is chaired by Tibor Pál.

The tasks of the Ethics Collegium are:

  • to review the Code of Ethics for Social Work every five years, considering ethical issues that have arisen in practice and involving the widest range of social professionals. It publishes its proposals for the renewal of the Code, which are discussed and adopted by a consensus conference.
  • to express its opinion on professional ethical issues affecting social work practice and social policy decision making and seeks to prevent the adoption of legislation and professional practices that are inconsistent with the Code of Ethics. To this end, it may make proposals to the Presidency of the Union of the Social Professional Organisations to adopt and publish position on laws, regulations or the activities of professional organisations or member organisations that are against social work ethics.
  • to deliver opinions on specific ethical issues at the request of professionals or groups of professionals and makes them public, respecting the GDPR. The Collegium seeks to protect social workers/organisations against unfair practices through its ethics statement.
  • to liaise with the ethics committees of national and international organisations in the welfare field.

For further information, please contact:


Hungarian Association of Social Workers

Magdolna Flaskárné Dr. Hönigh 

Tünde Kovács-Kató 

Sándor Meleg 

Association of Schools and Teachers of Social Work and Social Assistance in Hungary

Judit Kozma 

Andrea Rácz 

National Association of Services for the Homeless

Marcell Miletics 

Hilscher Rezső Social Policy Association

Hungarian Association of School Social Workers

Independent members

Tibor Pál 

Péter Soós 

Andrea Ternay

Attila Tóth

Erika Vincze 


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