Experimentation on social policy for youth

Under the leadership of the Malaga Municipality, an international consortium applied within the framework of the European Union's Progress 2012 program under the title Experimentation on Social Policy for Youth (ESPY).

The members of the consortium are Malaga County Council (Malaga County Municipality, Spain), as the main applicant, as well as the Universidad de Malaga (University of Malaga, Spain), Tipperary County Council (Tipperary County Municipality, Ireland), Regional Development Fund of East Macedonia and Thrace ( Regional Development Fund of Macedonia and Thrace, Greece), Provincia Regionale di Siracusa (Regional Province of Siracusa, Italy), Agência de Desenvolvimento Regionaldo Alentejo, S.A. (Development Agency of the Regional Province of Alentejo, Portugal) and the Union of the Social Professional Organisations - 3Sz (Hungary).

The project aims at young people between 15 and 24 years old who are uneployed, have dropped out of school or are at risk of doing it and face multiple barriers to access to labour market. They are principally young people at risk of social exclusion who live in rural, deprived urban, remote or peripheral areas and need vocational qualification and guidance to facilitate the transition from education to work and the access to labour market. This group is characterised by its generally limited opportunities to develop competences. 

3Sz undertook the dissemination of the project's results and the evaluation of the project's internal processes.