With education for the integration of migrants

The aim of the project was to provide information for social workers and to expand their knowledge regarding third-country foreigners arriving for long-term residence.

The main point of the project was a course in which colleagues working in various areas of social work are given basic knowledge about the main characteristics of migrants arriving in the country, the rights and duties assigned to the various legal residence titles. On the one hand, this facilitated the daily work of the professionals dealing with them, and on the other hand, it facilitated the social integration of migrants through access to the basic institutions of the host country. 

We considered that the social workers participating in the training, as a direct target group (90 people), and by passing on their knowledge to their colleagues (indirect target group, approx. 900 people), will acquire knowledge that can be useful for their daily work, thus directly helping migrants successful integration. 


The publication primarily contains practical information, but it also provides insight into international and domestic migration processes and trends, illustrates through communication exercises/examples those situations that are misunderstandings due to cultural differences and also offers suggestions for solving them. 

The publication also includes a brief introduction and contact details of the institutional system related to migration and migrants, as well as an updated list of organizations dealing with migration.