Fact-Finding Expert Working Group

The objective of the Fact-Finding Expert Working Group is to produce and disseminate fact-based analyses that can serve as lessons for the social work profession and contribute to the objective information of the public. The Fact-Finding Expert Working Group investigates cases where the interests of a client/client group/social worker/social support organisation are compromised or where the case has repercussions that make professional disclosure in the fundamental interest of the profession. The results and experience of independent professional analyses are available as a public expert report on the 3SZ website.

Organisationally, the Fact-Finding Expert Working Group operates in a similar way to and in cooperation with the 3SZ Ethics College. Depending on the specificities of the case under investigation, the working group occasionally invites additional experts to gather the information necessary for an investigative analysis/report.

For further information, please contact: tszm3sz@googlegroups.com